Types of Aged Care Services I Can Avail in Newcastle

There are two programs that provide different levels of Newcastle aged care:

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

This is an entry level program designed to provide support to people who are able to manage of the tasks themselves but still need help with some of them. It is a lower level of support and is limited in the services it provides for Newcastle residents.

Home Care Package Program (HCP)

This is more comprehensive and is designed for those who have more complex care needs at home in Newcastle. If a citizen needs constant care and support and for a longer duration of time, then this is the program to opt for. It has large number of services covered under it and meets the needs of most elderly citizens who need support.

Newcastle Aged Care Services

Household Chores

Newcastle Aged Care provides their clients with complete support for daily household chores such as cleaning, dish washing, laundry, shopping and payment of bills. This way, you can continue to enjoy an independent living without worrying about the daily jobs that must be carried out. Depending on the program you enrol in, a member of our organisation will visit you every day or on specified days and do the needful. The members are very flexible and tailor their service as per your requirements. Your comfort and privacy still remains a priority. It must also be emphasised that the member encourages active participation of the elderly in doing things they are very much capable of doing. This leads to a sense of achievement in the senior citizens of Newcastle and benefits their health and psychology.

Residential Aged Care Service - Newcastle Aged Care
Residential Aged Care Service - Newcastle Aged Care

Newcastle Socialising Groups

We facilitate sessions where the senior citizens from different walks of life. There are speaking sessions, games, and simple morning tea or luncheon sessions. We provide a space where friendships can be formed and nurtured. The members of the group hold discussions on several topics of mutual interest such as food, sports, hobbies, gardening, history and so on. Our socialising groups also feature guest speakers at times. These provide great opportunities to foster new friendships and relish the new ones.

Newcastle Transport Service

Newcastle aged care also provides transport services if you need to go shopping, to a doctor’s appointment, or simply a social gathering or outing. These services are also provided within the ambit of the CHSP or HCP package. No need to stay at home and get bored when you enrol yourself with Newcastle Aged Care.

Residential Aged Care Service - Newcastle Aged Care
Residential Aged Care Service - Newcastle Aged Care

Newcastle Aged Care Advisory Services

Our experience in the industry has taught us that the persons looking for aged care services are often lost on getting the right information. It can be confusing not knowing what to expect from an aged care service. That is why we’ve set up an advisory group that helps people who wish to avail or get information about elderly care services. Our years of experience, knowledge of the industry and puts us in a unique position to provide you with the right information as per your personal needs, location, financial position, and family setup.
Aged care support can be a complex exercise based on who in your family needs support. We have advised, provided assessment, and support to thousands of customers requiring aged care in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Contact our friendly team for Newcastle Aged Care if you have any questions about our services.

Newcastle Shopping Assistance

The members of Newcastle Aged Care can help the clients with their shopping daily, weekly or as required. If it is not physically possible for the elderly to go out, our members do the shopping for the groceries and otherwise, on their behalf. Besides, we also help with preparation of meals and medication.

Residential Aged Care Service - Newcastle Aged Care